Portfolio > East of 72nd Disrupting the Omaha Landscape in Six Acts

Our day to day lives are filled with series of routines: we take the same route to work each day, walk the same path to school, pass the same houses and buildings along the way, picture the same views out of our office windows, see the same people, and retrace our journeys back home. As we move through these routines, the outside world can seem more of a backdrop, a static landscape, which is often taken for granted or barely acknowledged. However, there are events that can suddenly disrupt our routine, causing us to look twice, to contemplate our landscape differently. These events are many times filled with distress, sometimes humor, and are often illogical in terms of our familiar environments. It is through this break in the continuity of our environment that the action of East of 72nd takes hold. East of 72nd is a live art and mixed media project in six unconventional acts that explores the urban Omaha landscape east of 72nd Street.